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Association of Copyright Content Creators

The Association of Copyright Content Creators, or ACCC was founded in 2016 by a group of professionals and enthusiasts with extensive experience in filmmaking, production, and content distribution gained around the world.

ACCC is developing a totally new for Bulgaria partner network and establishing contact with international industry colleagues. This way, the local audiovisual segment of the industry has potential to get properly and effectively introduced outside of Bulgaria. We help the insiders be informed about the latest trends and tendencies in the film and production industries.


ACCC exists to connect content creators and facilitate co-productions, distribution and promotion.


Тo support professionals with consulting for producing and distributing valuable content, using of content marketing and finding partners to finance and develop their projects.

Creating Great Content

It can be entertaining or educational content, can take many forms, including feature, documentary, series, formats. But it has to catch the interest of the target audience.

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Everyone is looking for the perfect partner. Co-productions are the new Black of the industry. We'd be honoured to be your matchmaker in the world of audiovisual content production.

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