Our Members and Partners

Who can benefit?

You are a scriptwriter, director or producer. You can share your project needs with us and we will do our best to advise and help with contacts, information or with finding a fund for your next film.

How to apply?

To become a member, first fill in the application form at the bottom of this page. Granting of the membership is done in accordance with the requirements and conditions of the Association’s statute.

Why should you join?

You are a distributor, broadcaster or consultant in the audio-visual industry. You can join us at our stands at TV/Film markets. You can learn about new calls and opportunities to meet your right content partner. You are a platform, dubbing studio or designer. You can find content easily through our network and offer your services or prepare the next marketing campaign ас a member.

Waiting time?

Technical time required for the review of each individual application is 14 work days from the moment of the application’s submission. This time is needed to check and cross-reference all the information provided and discuss the application.

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Explore Our Services


We advise the members about distribution of their content. We offer a broad range of distribution techniques as well.


We advise and help finding co-production partners through our network.


Attending markets, conferences and business events we enlarge our network. We support our members by connecting them to the people from the industry.


Workshops with artists and opportunities for individual meetings with experts. Local and international event organisation - seminars, trainings, networking.


Our consultants provide legal advice in the field of film production, distribution and financing, registration and operation of production companies, distribution companies etc.


ACCC representatives have visited over 10 global-scale content markets for audiovisual content distribution. We offer special consultations and help in developing a strategy for every separate market to be attended.